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We are a collective of creatives who are dedicated to promoting diversity, collaboration, and progress. By combining the strategic thinking of a think tank with the practical approach of a social enterprise, we offer valuable resources and opportunities through knowledge sharing, partnerships, and impactful projects.


600+ Saudi-based creatives committed to exchanging valuable ideas and insights. Through collaborations, we aim to benefit the community and create a meaningful impact. We are delighted to explore opportunities to work together and make a difference.

"Malaz has some architectural gems that need to be part of a dialogue around building policies for revival and adaptive reuse."
Koren Dasoar
"I used to graffiti back in the day! I think first and foremost, everyone has to know that it is actually an expression of Hip Hop."
Talal Alzeid
"That being said, once you are on their books so to speak, you can become a preferred vendor and will often be at the top of the list of suppliers..."
Tony Naqvi
"But should self expression be bound by social and legal norms? Or is it a form of censoring or creativity?"

Monther AlKabbani

Creatively Speaking

Creatively Speaking the podcast where we explore the newest and most interesting ideas in the world of creativity. Each episode offers an engaging conversation about the latest trends and discussions in the creative spheres, presented in an easy-to-digest format.