Impact Case Study Showcase


AlMashtal House & Creative Incubator


Creative Leadership: A Case Study from AlMashtal House & Creative Incubator


Project Overview:

A workshop aimed to offer valuable guidance and mentorship to Saudi Arabia’s creative community. The two-hour program focused on career and leadership development and provided participants with practical insights, tips, and strategies to advance their careers in the creative industries.



The program featured a dynamic speed-networking format, allowing mentees to engage with experienced mentors in personalized mentoring sessions every 15 minutes.  Mentors provided guidance on career and leadership development tailored to the needs of creatives, sharing insights, experiences, and practical tips to help mentees excel in their careers and become effective leaders in the creative industry.



Participants benefited from the workshop by gaining valuable advice and insights into career and leadership development specific to the creative industry. The speed-networking sessions provided a platform for meaningful interactions and networking opportunities, enabling participants to establish valuable connections for potential future collaboration. The program concluded with a summary of key learnings and final remarks highlighting the importance of continuous career and leadership development for creatives, leaving participants inspired and enabling them to drive their careers forward. Kingdom Creatives’ workshop successfully provided a platform for creatives to enhance their skills, network with industry experts, and take proactive steps towards professional growth and success.