Impact Case Study Showcase


Misk Art Week


Bridging Cultures Through Design Diplomacy: A Case Study from Misk Art Week


Project Overview:

This interactive session explored Design Diplomacy as a means to unite people through Art and Design itself. The participants engaged with the stories of Mecca and AlUla to understand how design can enable togetherness and shape a balanced future and how creatives can bridge cultural gaps and connect people through their work.



Kingdom Creatives designed an interactive session that showcased the power of design diplomacy. Through activities such as mind mapping and discussions, participants explored how creativity could transcend boundaries and unite people.



The participants were inspired by the potential for creativity to bridge cultural and geographical gaps. Kingdom Creatives successfully conveyed the message that they can shape a more inclusive world through their work, motivating attendees to utilize their talents for positive change.

By demonstrating the transformative power of design diplomacy in fostering connections across cultures and nations, Kingdom Creatives encouraged artists and designers to embrace their role as agents of cross-cultural understanding and positive change.