The Essential Virtual Toolbox

Business life, right? One minute, you are cracking the Da Vinci code of innovation; next, you are chugging coffee while trying to decode business jargon. Fear not. Here is a streamlined rundown of our essential resources, which boosts productivity and makes the journey much smoother, not to forget, a tad more fun. Finding the correct tools can make all the difference after all.

Impact Case Study Showcase: AlMashtal

Impact Case Study Showcase Interview AlMashtal House & Creative Incubator Title: Creative Leadership: A Case Study from AlMashtal House & Creative Incubator   Project Overview: A workshop aimed to offer valuable guidance and mentorship to Saudi Arabia’s creative community. The two-hour program focused on career and leadership development and provided participants with practical insights, tips, […]

Impact Case Study Showcase: Misk Art Week

Misk Art Week Workshop

Impact Case Study Showcase Interview Misk Art Week Title: Bridging Cultures Through Design Diplomacy: A Case Study from Misk Art Week   Project Overview: This interactive session explored Design Diplomacy as a means to unite people through Art and Design itself. The participants engaged with the stories of Mecca and AlUla to understand how design […]

Interview with Dame Julie Christine

Dame Julie Christine

Interview Interview Get To Know Dame Julie Christie Hello, we have Dame Julie Christie; I would like you to introduce yourself please and tell us what you do exactly. My name is Julie Christie, and I work as a television producer in the international market, primarily based in New Zealand but creating content for a […]